Pollution and Diseases in China

China has horrible pollution problems.  It goes all the way back to when China burned sulfer dioxide to make electricity.  They still presently use this element to heat homes, turn on lights, and other simple tasks.  Studies have shown that China uses double sulfer dioxide than America.  With the Communist Party ruling China it is not easy to protest against all this bad pollution let into the air. Only 1% of Chinas population breathes healthy and safe air.  It is hard to view cities from the distance because of the smoke and fog that lingers in the skies.  Poisonous substances float about in rivers and oceans near China killing animals that live in these unsafe waters.  China will not stop its production of goods because it is so sucessful in shipping and selling its products to other countries.  Mostly everything you buy is made in China.  Now that is a lot of pollution!

With all these bad toxic wastes and pollution, many diseases are becoming noticable.  In China especially diseases in water are getting people sick.  Cholera and typhoid are the main sicknesses that are causing deaths in China. 178,000 children have died premature death because of the pollution.

China’s pollution and disease clearly relates right back to the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain.  During the Industrial Revolution many people worked in unhealthy factories that killed them and wounded them.  Cities got very dirty like in China and many diseases spread.  Waste and pollution was dumped into rivers and oceans causing people to get sick.  Still today this is taking place in China.

In my opinion, this is horrible. There are ways to protect the environment.  Letting pollution dominate cities is when people need to realize that things need to change. As I have explained, disease is killing and pollution is killing.  This is so bad.  People need to step up for there actions and get Earth back to the way it was.  In the future I predict people will finally step up and take action.  They will come up with alternate ways to produce goods without hurting our precious Earth.

hopefully we can improve our factories.

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by: Katherine


7 Responses to “Pollution and Diseases in China”

  1. sahajtheraja Says:

    It would be safe and better if we improve our factories so people do not support products made by sweatshop labor. Another thing is we have to get rid of child labor. Pollution is another bad thing we have to get rid of because it is killing countrues. There are also sicknesses spreading. I hope we can get rid of these bad things.

  2. alyssag123 Says:

    It’s so sad how we keep polluting everything! Everyone should try to use less of everything and stop polluting the air!

  3. katiewiest Says:

    china’s pollution problem is getting out of control!! its so bad that people are dying just from breathing the air.

  4. talmaraz Says:

    good job katherine. i agree with how bad it is and that the people need to start taking action and change it

  5. caitlinlawson Says:

    Katherine!! hey girl:)
    great job on your site! I agree with your opinion on how pollution and diseases is terrible in China. (I almost wrote Chile..haha) They should definately do something about it!

  6. katherineschofield Says:

    i agree kat
    the pollution there is soo bad people can’t even see the sky sometimes
    good job!

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